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Join us on Thursday with Kevin from Baudana & Vajra, and  try some of the best wines from Northern Italy 🇮🇹

Stop by and try some of these incredible wines 🍷

Thursday May 16th, 4:30 - 6:30 pm at Loop Line Wine & Food

This is a free event! 🎟

Baudana: One family and one earth. Same name, same nature.
The Baudana family have always taken care of the terroir from the homonymous area in Serralunga d’Alba. A humble and true story. Luigi Baudana and his wife Fiorina originally vinified only for themselves, and then in 1996 they enclosed their hard work in their first vintage of Barolo in bottle. In January 2009, Luigi and Fiorina entrusted to the Vaira family the delicate mission of becoming the guardians of their generational work. It’s a legacy carried on in in full respect of the uniqueness of this rare and authentic expression of a “Langhe from the past”. There is something that is unique and antique in this small cellar. An identity that has enchanted the Vaira family and encouraged them to continue making wine in this place.

G. D. Vajra: Wines that do not need to talk out loud or flex their muscles, but will touch the hearts of all.
The GD Vajra family’s history is rooted in the political protests of Torino in the 1960s. The 60s were a significant time of change, not just in Italy, but all around the world with racial riots, civil rights and war afoot in various countries. The Vajra story begins with a young college student named Aldo Vajra, upset with the social climate of the times, and actively protesting in the streets of Turin with others. Many students around the world were upset with the current status quo (much like the times we find ourselves in now).

One day, Aldo’s father happened to spot him in the streets protesting and as punishment, sent him to stay at the grandparent’s farm in the Langhe. On this farm, Aldo began to learn about other agricultural products and his passion for farming started to take shape. It was during this time that he also met the woman who was to become his wife. She shared his passion and they launched their own winery during a very difficult time in Italy’s history. The country was very poor, especially in the Langhe.

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