Wine is Our Love Language! A Loop Line Tasting

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The ultimate Valentine's Day Wine Tasting experience that's got all the vibes of a romantic getaway without leaving town. We're taking you on a tour through the sultry streets of Spain, the chic alleys of Italy, and the effortlessly cool corners of France. Get ready for a night of sipping, swirling, and some serious wine wisdom.

Date & Time: February 14th, 2024 6:00 PM


  • Romance Capitals Tour: Picture this - the heartthrobs of Spain, the smooth operators of Italy, and the French charmers. We're decoding the love stories behind each glass.

  • Three Wines, Three Countries: Take your taste buds on a joyride with our top picks from Spain, Italy, and France. Our wine gurus are here to spill the tea on what makes each pour a true heart-stealer.

  • Cracking the Code: Burgundy mania, Cult Producers, and the lowdown on Amarone – we're dishing out the deets on why these wines are the talk of the town.

  • Expert Insights: Our wine wizards are dropping knowledge bombs on the history, terroir, and secrets behind these legendary sips.

  • Snacks That Slay: Elevate your tasting game with bites that play the perfect wingman to your wine. We're talking pairings that are so on point, they deserve their own cheers.

Tickets include our guided tasting of nine different wines along with food pairings from the Loop Line kitchen.

February 14th, 2024
643 Dupont St.



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