Women in Wine Tasting Event: The Roundup

Hello hello! 

We are still buzzing from our Women in Wine tasting Saturday, March 25th and we hope that you feel the same! It was an inspiring afternoon with old friends and new, instilling the sense of community we have been so lucky to find since opening our doors. We are so grateful for all of you who attended and showed your appreciation for women in wine, especially since we were able to raise $840 for Sistering! Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Though we may be a tad repetitive at this point, this month was all about celebrating women in wine: producers, viticulturalists, winemakers and estate managers. Conversations around wine are often about the present (what does it taste like? How does it make you feel?) which often overshadows the knowledge, labour and passion that go into making the wine we obsess over. Throughout the month we have highlighted female winemakers in our events and  in our by-the-glass list. Moving forward this is something we'd love to carry on: knowing who makes the wine in your glass. Every bottle is a feat of farming, of ingenuity, of perseverance and passion and a reflection of the people who made it.

Down below you can learn more about the producers we were pouring on Saturday. This is a small compilation, otherwise this newsletter would be unbearably long (which maybe it already is!). Who was your favourite producer? What were you blown away by? Let us know!

Amevive, Alice Anderson in the Cellar


Ameve is a project by Alice Anderson, regenerative organic and holistic viticulturist and winemaker, and her partner Topher in the Los Olivos in the Santa Ynez Valley. Alice works the leased vineyard which was planted in 1971 by Charlotte Young and still owned by her three daughters. Amevive is an ode to Alice's time in the Northern Rhône and a result of her drive to work in conjunction with nature, rather than against it. 
Tara Gomez and Mireia Taribó of Camins 2 Dreams


Wives Tara Gomez and Mireia Taribó both live in and make wine in Sta. Rita Hills, California. Winemaking is a calling for them - their way of expressing themselves and to showcase the specificity of each site they work with. 
Anna Martens of Vino di Anna in her Sicilian vineyard


Vino di Anna is the Mount Etna project of Anna Martens and Eric Narioo. Anna and Eric met in 2004, both coming with impressive wine backgrounds, and toured through the motherland of natural wine (Jura, Savoie and the Loire) before taking the plunge to make their first natural wine together on Mount Etna in 2008. Today they own 7 hectares across the northern slopes of the volcano where they farm biodynamically and aim to make wines that are tasty, expressive, true to their provenance. 
Angelita tending vines at Château Pré La Lande


In the commune of Pineuilh on the slope of Sainte Foy Côtes de Bordeaux is Château Pré la Lande, where Angelita cares for the vines organically and biodynamically and Michel takes care of the vinification.
Domain Oudin sisters Nathalie and Isabelle


Meet the Oudin sisters: Nathalie and Isabelle! Together they work their grandfather's vineyards in Chichée and have grown it from 2 to 9.5 hectares of plots (where their commute is a measly 15 minutes by tractor). Their goal is to prioritize high-quality viticulture and express their love for the land through the royal grape of Chablis: Chardonnay.
 Ficomontanino winemaker Maria Sole Giannelli


Maria Sole Giannelli became inspired by the biodynamic visionaries Steiner and Fukuoka in culinary school, making her see her grandfather's vineyards and horse ranch in Chiusi, Tuscany with new eyes. She took over the estate in 2014 with a new name "Ficomontanino", or "little fig mountain", where she makes wine evocative of the region she calls home.  

Winemaker Gina Guigni of Lady of the Sunshine


Meet Gina Guigni! She is a second generation biodynamic grower and natural winemaker in Central Coast, California. Lady of the Sunshine began in 2017 with a focus on regenerative, organic, biodynamic farming in pursuit of making natural wines that reflect the purity of where they come from. The project is a reflection of Gina's work and the women who have touched her life from her mother's handwriting on the corks, her friend's grandmother's embroidery patterns recreated by a friend. Gina's wines are a compilations of intention, love, layers of personal evolution laminated over time. 

 Birgit Braunstein


"It is with great dedication that I follow my life's calling" 
Bridgit's family has been growing vines next to lake Neusidel for 400 years. She works organically and biodynamically across 22 hectares in Burgenland. Her wines are alive with pure fruit, precision and elegance, all naturally fermented, bottled unfined and unfiltered.  

Ashanta winemaker, Chenoa Aston-Lewis


Chenoa Aston-Lewis, 5th generation Oakland native and 3rd generation winemaker, and Will Basanta, cinematographer, were called to Chenoa's family farm. Together they found inspiration in restoring the Pinot Noir vineyard devastated by wildfire. Today they make magical wine inspired by the land they tend and the farmers they collaborate with in Sebastopol, California. 

The women of Antech


Françoise is at the helm of the family owned Antech, which has been owned independently for 7 generations. The Antech Estate dedicates itself to the elaboration of Sparkling wines in Limoux, which has a rich history dating back for 1544. Françoise distinguishes  Antech by finding the perfect balance from the high-altitude freshness and the purity of its fruit aromas coming from the Mediterranean. Above you can see the women of Antech, with Françoise being second from the right on the bottom row. 

Alessandra Casini Bindi-Sergardi


 Meet Alessandra Casini Bindi-Sergardi, the woman with the best headshot we have ever seen. The Bindi-Sergardi family is a legendary winemaking family who has been making wine in Siena, Tuscany since 1339, which is 23 generations. They are committed to making wine that expresses both the land and its history. Alessandra has been managing the estate since 2005 alongside her father, Nicolò. 

Maria Possente at her family vineyards in Sicily


In the sun drenched soils of Sicily, there is Possente. Run by three siblings, Antonio, Maria and Stefania, with Maria taking the reins and undertaking each harvest as an adventure. 

Francesca Moretti, the president of Terra Moretti


Meet Francesca Moretti, the president of Terra Moretti since her fathers death in 2020. Francesca seeks to continue the legacy of Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi's project (yes, she was Napoleon's sister!) by making wines that reveal "a feminine, sensitive and decisive character.” Her connection to the land and its history is clear in her motivation for environmental protection and careful tending of the estate.