Agricola Summer Wolff Gio Gio Vino Rosso 2021

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LOOP LINE TASTING NOTES | Cranberry, raspberry and cherry notes. Smooth tannins.

The goal was for a very drinkable, fresh and bright expression of Freisa which Summer Wolff had been getting to know over the years. They direct pressed 20% of the fruit to allow there to be some more balance and harmony between the tannins and all the bright fruit and flower that this variety has to offer. The 2021 vintage was also hot, and so the team is even more pleased with how this first vintage turned out.

The wine is named after her first son, Gioacchino, who at home they call GioGio.

From Summer: "Natural doesn’t mean the wine has to be cloudy with a cute and tongue in cheek label. Natural doesn’t mean the wine has to have too much VA or mouse. Natural doesn’t mean the wine has to be made with zero SO2 added. Natural doesn’t mean that you have to do every single natural wine fair near and far dressed in a cool tee shirt. Instead, to me, natural means purity. Grace. Elegance. Clean and individual. With a responsibility, above all, to the land you’re farming. It should be priced for everyone to be able to afford, and wine that everyone wants to drink. Needless to say;this is only my own perception of a category of wine, that I believe is also a lifestyle. Living naturally, raising our children naturally, nourishing our bodies with whole and clean foods, and of course, drinking only natural wines coming from terroir which is loved, cared for, and respected.

My goal in this project is to continue my devotion to taking care of our land in order to take care of our children and the future generations.

Said this, the goal is also to make a super fun and delicious wine that everyone can drink with ease and lightness, finishing the bottle and wanting another… that is the highest compliment a winemaker can receive!

For now I’ve only 2 hectares of land in the same valley as my husband's winery, Cascina Iuli, but I have plans of planting more… slowly, when the time is right."




SIZE | 750ML

ALC. BY VOL. | 13.5%


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